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Increased Revenue

Renewable revenue streams based on access to a data base of the aggregated content of your publications expands your bottom line. Discourage casual illegal re-distribution of your PDF formatted publications.  Use STGnet’s intelligent tagging of the license holder to the copyrighted content and watermarking the copyright owner on each page.

Reader Experience

Access to a subscription database within a unique online presentation format allows the reader to efficiently search, manage, understand and enjoy your publications. Use STGnet’s SaaS (Software as a Service) online applications to turn your publications into a dynamic reference resource for viewing your publications anytime, anywhere.  In addition, PDF versions of the publications are also viewable as published.

Marketing Analytics

Obtain a greater understanding of your market with an internal view of publication usage, purchases and activities. This invaluable information can be critical for strategic market planning.

Market Share

Develop creative pricing models to package collections of publications.  Target high value – high volume products to increase your margins and expand your marketplace. Attract more members with additional services that focus on their business needs. With a growing family of online SaaS subscription services, revenues are increased while offerings are expanded.

Internet Brand

License STGnet’s Web 2.0 technical solution.  We offer a true turnkey solution with no web designing or coding involved.  Your members still receive your publications as published but within a new online product suite maintaining your brand but powered by STGnet’s technology.

Center of Gravity

STGnet is designed around the concept of aggregating information within an area of expertise which in turn can dramatically increase your chances of dominating your chosen marketplace and increasing your sphere of influence.

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