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Standards Technology Group - then & now

Founders History

STG was founded in 2004 by Keith Peden and David Walsh after the successful sale of their previous venture CCS Technology, Inc. in 2001 to Brooks Automation, Inc..  CCS, like STG, was built upon the founders expertise in standards development, testing and training.  CCS set the industry standard for certifying factory automation semiconductor standards by developing fully automated test plans along with an enterprise software platform.  Just about every semiconductor factory in the world used CCS to certify equipment before shipment.

STG and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Inc. (SEMI)

With this success Keith and Dave founded STG and worked closely with Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) to bring a mature SaaS publishing platform for SEMI's 35 year history representing 1000s of standards for their international membership.  SEMI has been using STG's SaaS platform for over 10 years to its 5000+ member organizations internationally.

STG and Document Center, Inc.

In 2012 STG formed a partnership with Document Center, Inc of Belmont CA.  Document Center is a major reseller of standards with a library of over 500,000 documents from over 50 publishers such as ISO, IEC, ASTM, UL and IEEE.  Document Center has licensed STG's STGnet subscription publishing platform and uses it as their subscription distribution platform under their brand.  To date they have contracts with over 80 corporations to deliver collections of standards from their library.

STG :  US Government's Federal Registry and the Department of Defense Standards

In April of 2021 STG brought to market a major release of STGnet called Standards Central which includes a growing collection of the US Federal Government's Federal Registry of 700K documents and regulations in addition to the Department of Defense's 200K standards.  This will be a first of its kind aggregation of the entire US Federal Registry and US Department of Defense.

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